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March 4, 2014 Chemistry Club


As the advertising and marketing worlds continue to respond to the dramatic shift in consumers’ desire for content delivered via digital platforms vs. more traditional, The Oscars last night made quite clear a pretty cool fact. A tweet can’t be meaningful if it isn’t in real-time. So, we ask, is it possible that Twitter and other social channels actually make offline media more relevant? When it comes to tent pole broadcast events, the answer is yes!

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Branding is hard*.
* Especially when you’re your own client.

December 23, 2013 Chemistry Club


In December of 2012—yes over a year ago—we decided to restructure our agency and give ourselves a fresh coat of paint. We had begun life in the traditional world, and over recent years we’d morphed into something very different, doing lots of digital work, content creation, design and, most importantly, brand strategy. Sure, we could easily have stayed with our old name, but we’ve never been especially good at doing things the easy way.

So we gathered the troops at the beginning of 2013, talked through the plan, and asked everyone to think up some names. We compiled huge lists, sorted through them and posted our top 500 or so on our big magnet wall. We asked everyone to mark their favorites, and got the list down to about 100. We re-arranged the finalists on the magnet wall, letting the best ones rise to the top, and then we started checking availability.

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